FREE Hypnosis School

FREE Hypnosis School

If you have come to this page then you could be serious in becoming a full time professional hypnotist / hypnotherapist. To help make your mind up: please follow our free schooling pages so that you can see the benefits of enrolling.

Follow this free course page by page and if you decide to subscribe to our Professional Hypnosis Hypnotherapy course Click Here

Our Professional course is comprehensive, consisting of many schools of thought and propositions. Dealing with many aspects of Hypnosis including written papers in Pdf form, Mp3 Recordings and on-line videos.

The Professional Courses include: Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, Stage & Mass Hypnosis and Subliminal Teaching & Method Training, Trance inductions, Scripts, Setting up your Practice

The IASHH Professional course is a full qualifying Diploma Course. Members in the past have paid £1,190 for this course, however we now offer on-line at a reduced cost Click Here At the end of the course there would be an exam for you to complete. Whereby a diploma from the Head Tutor shall be issued. At this stage you would have become proficient in the art of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy.

(Please Note: Those who purchase the course up front will have access to all the many hypnosis and subliminal recordings completely free)

The Institute of the Applied Science for Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

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